Non-binding pre-order for basic ICARUS satellite tags

Published by admin on Wed, 03/16/2016 - 13:51

The experimental and not-for-profit ICARUS animal tracking system will be launched to the ISS in early spring 2017. Non-binding pre-orders for basic ICARUS tags are being accepted now with the aim to provide sufficient numbers of tags immediately after the system is operational (late spring/early summer 2017). The tag specifications are available here.
Current design plans also include an ear tag for mammals and an aquatic/marine popup tag. Stay tuned – more information coming in summer 2016.

In short, basic ICARUS tags weigh <5 grams and in average solar conditions get 12 GPS points per day, as well as 3D-acceleration, 3D-magnetometer and temperature data. Expect one daily transmission of these data via satellite. Additional data (at good sunlight conditions) are written into the tag's memory for later readout with a portable base station.

The approximate costs will be:

  • 500-700 € / basic ICARUS tag (price depends on number of pre-orders)
  • 150 € annual service fee per tag for the ICARUS User Data Center

Once operational, ICARUS data will be available in your private and password-secured Movebank account. Thanks to the bi-directional communication link, ICARUS tags can be re-programmed via your web-interface to the ICARUS User Data Center. The ICARUS data are expected to become public after 1-3 years in The Movebank Data Repository, similar to other remote sensing data, except for sensitive data (ICARUS data policy will soon be announced).

Please follow the link below to pre-order basic ICARUS tags now to ensure you will be part of the first delivery of tag: